Mini Reviews: Children of Blood and Bone & Whisper

Hello Reader! here are my quick thoughts on my recent reads!

Children of Blood and Bone

This worldwide anticipated read is the first book in the Legacy of Orisha trilogy, written by the stunning Tomi Adeyemi.

This was a crazy whirlwind of a ride.. the ending leaving me hungry for the next one. It’s a new world i’m ready to further explore.

I don’t quite remember when I first herd about this book but what I do remember was that it was going to be released in March the same time round as Restore Me. There was a ton of hype for this book long before it was said to be released. A lot of authors were mentioning it on twitter and soon it became all the talk.

I, of course had to check this book out that everyone was talking about (because let’s be real, you don’t want to be last on the train hype) Later on, I ended up picking it up and reading it without knowing what it was about.. After a few pages I was already engrossed, It was like I was being told a story visually, it was amazing.

Zélie and Mama Agba dragged me into the world so quick, I forgot what world I was truly in. This fresh new world was very intriguing, there was so much you needed to learn on how the world worked but it was a joyous ride. There were twists and turns, lots of action and the right amount of dialogue. This book reminded me a lot of Black Panther, one of the main reasons why I could not put the book down.

I am very sure that anyone and everyone can read this book (book lover or not) it has everything that you could want in a new world and more! so I totally recommend it and pass the recommendation along to others!

Children of Blood and Bone | Thoughts Wrap-up

Book rating?

4 stars! what a ride..

Favourite part of the book?

Any time when Zélie and Inan were in the dreamscape! That was such a cool concept, I would kill to be able to escape reality like that.

Favourite character? why?

Mama Agba because she’s very wise and skilled with and without magic on her side. I also love her independence and her strong will that she shows throughout her appearances in the book.

Would you recommend?

I would for sure recommend! If you have not yet read it, this is a sign that you should.


A new dystopia, fantasy, science fiction series by Lynette Noni.

I went into this book knowing nothing other than Sarah J. Maas’ comment being on the front cover.. it was already on my tbr pile and I was eventually going to read it but when a friend had the physical copy, I had to borrow it.

It didn’t take me long to start reading but It did take me long to get fully invested into the story because of the odd similarities with the Shatter Me series. For example, Jane Doe has been locked up for sometime and so was Juliette Ferrars in Shatter Me. There are plenty of other parallels but I will refrain from mentioning them because of spoilers for the Shatter Me series. The other thing that I didn’t quite like was the writing style, I felt like it was unprofessionally written and it bothered me throughout the book hence my 2 star rating but as soon as I got over it, I actually started to enjoy the story.

What I did like about it was the location it was set in, in Australia. I familiarise with the said locations the characters were mentioning and it made me smile. I also liked the last quarter of the book when Kael and crew were introduced to us, they bought in the joy that was missing at the beginning. There’s also many side characters that I personally didn’t find interesting and important but the action made up for it..

Lynette Noni’s The Medoran Chronicles however is definitely more intriguing and I would definitely recommend the series to lovers of Narnia, Throne of Glass, and Stranger Things!

Whisper | Thoughts Wrap-up

Book rating?

A solid 2.5 stars.

Favourite part of the book?

The cute, funny moments between Kael and Alyssa! They have this really adorable brother/best friend relationship that I want to see grow in the next books! (i’m all for the ship Kaelyssa!)

Favourite character? why?

There’s something about Kael that has me drawn to him.. I love how he believes in

Alyssa and how he can be funny, tough and be serious at the same time. And how he just goes straight to the point unlike Ward who is the opposite of him.

Would you recommend?

Though I feel like I’m receiving a lot of Shatter Me plot vibes, I would still recommend if you’re interested in that genre and that type of world.


Mini Reviews: A Court of Frost and Starlight & War Storm

Haii there!

I’m proud to say that I have read 2 of my most anticipated books this May! want to know how I felt about them? keep on reading!

A Court of Frost and Starlight

Acofas is an ‘A court of thorns and roses’ novella, setting after the events of the third book ‘A court of wings and ruin’ by Sarah J. Maas.

Just like other SJM books, acofas was put on many highly anticipated reads lists (mine included). I however, after finishing the book, felt it did not contain anything that was needed to bridge to the next book in the series.. In other words, this book was unnecessary.

There were plenty of points like sexist comments in this novel that made me cringe and want to chuck the book out the window. Most of the novel remained neutral, there weren’t any plot points but the continuous shamble of ‘what should I get my 500 year old mate’. The sex scenes are a whole different story, it was expected but still raunchy. The different perspectives was a major confusion between first and third person, it was a jumble and I did not understand why it was in that way.

The 2 stars I gave the book was from the small ‘aww’ moments and Nesta’s storyline that i’m curious to know more about. Overall, I think this ‘book’ should’ve been the fourth in the series, the novella truly wasn’t needed, it was all about how the characters were getting on after the war.. I truly hope SJM knows what she is doing with her story.

A Court of Frost and Starlight | Thoughts Wrap-up

Book rating?

2 stars for me

Favourite part of the book?

Snowball fight scene..

Favourite character? why?

Right now, I’m enjoying Nesta. I feel like she makes everything more interesting and i’m intrigued by her storyline.

Would you recommend?

Honestly, no. But if you would like to read the first few pages of the next book why not?

War Storm

The forth and final instalment in the Red Queen Series by Victoria Aveyard.

I finished reading this 700 paged book in under 24 hours and I am still in denial. I had high expectations for this book, there were many things that I would like to have happened and many things I didn’t want to read. One of the things being: I hoped that all of the characters story ended in a deserving way.


War storm for me, felt like a jumbled mess. There were multiple potential endings and no ending at all. The first half was underwhelming and I admit, I was bored until I was in Maven’s perspective. I respect and also enjoyed the perspectives of other characters: Iris and Cal but being in the brain of a villain always wins me over.

Glass Sword and Kings Cage were more focused on the war aspect of the story and I knew that this was going to continue in War Storm, and it did. For me personally, I did not like the war side of the story, all I wanted was to know more about the characters and their interactions together.. In War Storm we did receive more character focused scenes but the majority was on the war side which I didn’t enjoy very much.

There were many things in this book that disappointed me, especially the reunion of the Calore brothers. I feel like though Cal still cared for his brother despite everything he’s done, he did not try to talk it out with Maven at all. Their conversation was very brief and harsh. I wished it to be little more heart felt, if one of them had died so that they parted on slightly good terms.. I also think Cal and Mare did not try to find ways to fix Maven, even though they continuously said they was no one and nothing to fix him. We never really see them in action finding a cure, and I know that there was a way to fix him, they just weren’t looking or thinking hard enough.

The point of the book that bothered me most was Maven’s death. The way Victoria Aveyard executed it was anticlimactic and disappointing. It went very fast and the way he died was confusing to me. It would’ve been more effective if us readers were in his perspective instead of Mare’s, it could’ve gave us more of an insight of what his last thoughts were and what he felt before he took his last breath. An ending like this to a very complex and intriguing character, could have been done better. This makes me very upset because the books were leading to Maven’s death and it sadly went down poorly. And so I think his character deserved a much better ending than the one he unfortunately had.

There weren’t many deaths in this book that I originally thought, I was expecting a bigger ending with plenty of deaths, especially from Victoria Aveyard since she is known for her plot twists and turn overs. But here we are presented with one major death that was not done well enough.. I still do respect and understand that this is her work and that she controls the fates of these characters, I just hope her future works are similar and done well like Red Queen.

War Storm | Thoughts Wrap-up

Book rating?

2 stars :(( very upset that I have to rate it so low. I really think this book could’ve been written better.

Favourite part of the book?

When Maven and Mare were having a conversation through a newblood! That scene was very interesting and very cool.

Favourite character? why?

Maven always! Im always interested in knowing villains and their motives. Maven’s character is extremely complex and that’s what made me drawn to him. And I’m still not accepting his death..

Would you recommend?

Yes if you’ve come this far to the series! But now that i’ve read the whole series, I don’t feel like the rest of the books are very good..

Thank you for taking the time to read! I’ll see you in my next blog post!

much love,


Mini Reviews: To Kill a Kingdom & Ace of Shades

Hello Fellow Reader!

April has come to an end. There have been again a handful of books come out this month and I am falling behind 😦 though hopefully May will be full of some epic reads!

Here are two amazing written books that I have read this month, that I’d love to talk about a little..

To Kill a Kingdom

This intense debut is written by the lovely Alexandra Christo.

To Kill a Kingdom is a dark Little Mermaid retelling that will keep you up all night. There are pirates, princes, mermaids, sirens, and handful of magic to keep you drawn in.

Let me tell you something, this book was absolutely amazing. When I had picked it up, I only knew that this was a ‘Little Mermaid’ retelling and nothing else. Till now I’m glad I didn’t read the synopsis because I felt like it could’ve ruined my journey with the book. There were points where it hit the ‘Little Mermaid’ story, but it also had its own unique twist to it that made it totally different to the original story.

I love how Alexandra Christo wrote the book into two perspective: Lira and Elian. The readers get to see what’s happening in the sea and on dry land, which I thought was very cool! I love the characters she has written, the main and the side characters. They all had a part to play in the story that shaped this book to its perfection. I especially loved Lira and Elian because of their different minds and ways of thinking. Their conversations always entertaining and humorous. It was hard not to ship the two.

There were also a lot of other things that had me engrossed in this book such as: the different languages, the siren way of life, the process of becoming a sea queen, killing a siren, the fashion.. it left me wanting more of the background of the story. And I honestly thought this was going to be a series because of how the book was laid out, and though there was a ending, I still felt there was more to continue on with.

To Kill a Kingdom | Thoughts Wrap-up

Book rating?

5 stars!!! One of the best books i’ve read in a long time.

Favourite part of the book?

Oooh I think I’ll have to pick the part when Lira and Elian first meet on Elian’s ship, how Lira slapped him on the face. That was funny.

Favourite character? why?

Lira definitely! she’s such a strong, courageous female character and she’s also very smart.

Would you recommend?

100% recommend! If you have not even considered picking this book up, what are you doing??

Ace of Shades

This first book of the Shadow Game trilogy, is written by the amazing Amanda Foody.

Ace of Shades is a new world where if you don’t pay with volts, you pay with your life. When Enne’s mother goes missing, she enters the City of Sin where she goes on a dangerous hunt for her.. This book will definitely drag you into the story by your throat.

There is definitely a sprinkle of Six of Crows in this book, which what had me reading non stop. This new world is so dark and intriguing, there’s so much to learn and keep in mind of. I love the idea of blood and split talents, how people know what specific talent you have inherited by just your surname. I also love the changed currency—goodbye to paper money and hello volts—it was nice to see something I have not seen before.

Amanda Foody did a great job sewing this story together, the characters are great and have a fair backstory, I love how the story is set into days and how we receive a thrilling sentence from the guide book as we enter each day. We also get introduced to some great villains, that i’m sure will play big parts in the next books, which I am very excited for.

The only real downside to this book and also why it received a 3 stars for me is because (for me) I felt like I was given a lot of information about the world and not enough time to process everything. I still don’t fully understand how the Shadow Game works and what the rules apply, and also how oaths and omertà works as well. I just hope that they will be further explained in the next books.. Another thing was Enne’s character, she wasn’t the best protagonist I’ve read, I found her to be a little bit irritating. Her decisions weren’t the best, she kept on getting herself into bad situations that could potentially get her and Levi killed.

Besides all of that, I still found the book a fun read! It’s very new so I am in between about it. I recommend it to anyone! I went into this blind and liked it so there’s no doubt those who haven’t read it will too!

Ace of Shades | Thoughts Wrap-up

Book rating?

3 stars 🙂 though my brain does want to rate it a 4.5 stars!

Favourite part of the book?

I have something for first meetings, so I will have to go with when Enne and Levi first meet! unexpected reactions and it was cute.

Favourite character? why?

Reymond! I am very upset that he died (though I don’t believe it) we were just getting to know him.. I like how he’s a badass gang leader and shouldn’t be messed with.

Would you recommend?

Yes I recommend! read read read and share your thoughts!

That’s it for this month! See you in May in my next blog post!

Confessions of a new blogger

1. Starting from scratch

Let me tell you, starting a book blog is not easy. As fun and easy as it sounds, it comes with a lot of time dedication. I’ve learnt this from my first few months as a newbie and It was a struggle because you have to start from scratch. You need to create a website, think of ways to make it pretty and appealing, think of blog posts, write up the blog post, post the blog post, share it and hopefully people see it as well as build up your target audience. It’s hard work. But i’ve learnt that as long as you have fun and do it for your enjoyment, it’s all worth it!

Tips for new bloggers:

If you want to do it. Do it. The only person stopping you is you!

Post things you want to see! Don’t feel like you’re limited to what other bloggers post. If you have a cool idea, do it! There’s a high chance other people haven’t done it before!

Post whenever you please. You don’t have to post every single day! But if it’s a priority for you then go ahead!

2. It’s fun thinking of blog post ideas!

Negatives aside, I find thinking of creative blog post ideas super fun! You can really branch out to anything you want and there’s no real limit. It’s easy to get inspired and that’s what makes writing it up more motivating.


Combine ideas. Whether it be books + food to tips getting out of a reading slump.

Don’t be afraid to look up ideas on the internet. It’s something a new blogger would do.

3. Hard to get views/followers

Sometimes it’s not all about the views. But I confess, It’d be so much happier if someone commented on those post.. Promoting yourself to the world is a tiring job.


Stay positive! Your audience will eventually grow, don’t be too hard on yourself! your new remember?

Join blogger follower trains on twitter. It’s a good way to find other blogs/bloggers as well as gain some followers as well! (There are plenty out there)

4. Receive books to review!

I haven’t reached this stage yet. But this does happen and it might just happen to you fellow blogger! I know personally that i’d love to receive books to review, it’s one of many reasons why I started a book blog in the first place (secrets out).


Have patience. Receiving books for free isn’t going to happen straight away, stay calm and be patient.

Put yourself out there and take a risk! Go ahead and email a book publisher or company you know that gives out arcs and books to review, tell them that your willing to write a review. There’s a possibility they will take you into consideration or even say yes! When they do decline, don’t worry! you tried and try again soon!

Join bookish blog tours. I recently found out this was a thing and I wish I knew about it sooner.. The best way to find blog tours are in twitter. Find new authors and there’s a high chance that they will be doing a blog tour for their debut!

5. Finding bookish friends

The best bit of being a new blogger is the community. Being surrounded by people that do what you do, boosts your happiness by a lot. You’ll be lucky enough to find new friends that will support you and even give you and your blog a shout-out 😉


(Making friends is a natural thing)

6. It’s easy to lack motivation

It’s easy to get busy/get lazy quickly so your motivations to type up a blog post go down hill. (Just finding motivation is hard in general for me.. anyone else?)


Read. You’ll eventually find the inspiration and the motivation you need!

Watch some booktube. There’s motivation to find there.

Check out someone else’s blog if your sick of seeing yours. You’ll be inspired plus that blogger would be happy too.

7. Keeping a decent looking blog

I know my blog is still looking plain as.. How do bloggers make their blogs so pretty?? Its so time consuming to fix and edit everything to your liking..


(To be honest, I need tips for myself..)

Youtube it. I’m sure there’s a tutorial out there somewhere.

Ask your fellow blogger. Doesn’t hurt to ask for some tips and tricks.

Don’t stress and find the time. Don’t rush, you have time to perfect everything! It’s better to take your time than do everything in one night.

And that’s it for me! I hope you enjoyed and got something out this!


Poetry Books You Need To Read!

I don’t know about you guys but I think poetry books are underrated. I have recently stumbled upon some very beautiful poetry last year and early this year, and I have fallen helplessly in love with them! Here are some of my favourites that I would totally recommend to all readers:

1. The princess saves herself in this one & The witch doesn’t burn in this one by Amanda Lovelace

posted on my bookstagram: @angelictales

‘Princess’ explores topics of love, loss, grief, healing, empowerment—the book having four parts: the princess, the damsel, & the queen. It’s a very heart touching poetry collection that a lot of people can relate to. ‘Witch’ on the other hand, encourages you to be independent, to be bold and take things in your own hands. Both of these books are so uniquely written, and can be finished in one sitting. And the best thing about poetry books is that you can always go back to them anytime to find inspiration or motivation for the day!

2. Sea of Strangers by Lang Leav

Sea of Strangers is also a beautifully written original poetry collection. It goes beyond the feelings of love and loss and enters newly found self-discovery and empowerment. Lang Leav is known for her expressive words, that’s why a lot of people relate to them. I suggest this for deep thinkers!

Lang Leav also wrote a fictional novel called ‘Sad Girls’, you might have herd of it! I recommend this as well if you haven’t picked it up yet! you could check her other poetry collections too because she has written a few!

3. Love Her Wild by Atticus

Can I just say this one is one of my top favourites!! I don’t have this book in it’s physical form but the poetry is definite 10/10! Atticus is such an amazing poet and I don’t doubt he can read minds. I love the way the poetry has been set out, it really gives you the true feels!

I’m not going to say anything else besides the fact that you should really pick this up!

4. Rupi Kaur

The first thing you think when you think about poetry is: Rupi Kaur the writer of Milk and Honey as well as her new poetry collection The Sun and Her Flowers, right? We all know her poetry has stolen many hearts and so if you haven’t picked up any of her poetry, I suggest you at least pick up one! you won’t be disappointed.

Poetry isn’t as boring as you thought right?? It’s actually very meaningful and beautiful.. It’s really calming too! My last message i’ll leave you with: don’t turn away poetry so easily, give it a chance and maybe you’ll find something there for you 🙂

Have a great day!


Types of Readers

1. Know-it-all

The one who has read everything and who can name every book out there (okay maybe not everything but mostly everything).

2. I-only-read-trends

If you’re a new york times bestseller, this type of reader has probably read your book.

3. Still-on-tbr-pile

This one is still trying to finish that book from their forever growing tbr pile.

4. Multitasker

The one who’s reading more than two books at a time.

5. Audio obsessed

Audio books are preferred by some people. When you come across this ‘reader’, don’t bother starting a conversation, this one will be way too engrossed on the audio book.

6. Traveller

Cars, buses, trams, trains, scooters.. you name it! you’ll find this reader everywhere! (including the shower)

7. Out loud

Don’t want to be around this one.. This reader (you guessed it!) reads aloud! and most likely be sitting next to a glass of water.

8. Read-it-later

This person will read a chapter and take a day’s break. In other words, this type of reader is either in a reading slump or they are just not motivated enough to read right now.

9. In-a-mourning-period

Just can’t get over that last book they read. It’s been three weeks and there’s still nothing that interests them.

10. Binging

Currently binge reading a book/series just because they can.

11. Twitter-threader

Basically analyses the whole book. Also: the spoilers!!

12. Bragger

The ones who aren’t afraid to voice their book opinions! especially on social media.

We’re all a little bit of everything don’t you think? 😉

just a quick post! hope you guys enjoyed!


Thoughts on : SCYTHE

Hi there! welcome to my very first blog post! I am absolutely thrilled to finally start sharing some bookish content with you guys! because I’ve been dying to for months now!! anyway, let’s just get right into the review shall we?

Now my reviews are going to work a little differently from other reviews (since I love to change things up a little) to make things a little more easier for you to read. So I am going to break up the book in it’s five basic elements: the characters, the setting, the plot, the conflict, and the resolution. (These five elements will represent the five stars in which i’m going to rate it) I will give my opinions and thoughts on each element of the book and then to wrap things up, I will share my favourite parts and favourite characters of the book as well as the rating. So let’s do this!

the characters

At first, I didn’t really like Citra. She liked doing her own thing, wanting to know everything and always being straight forward with her words, which had led her into major trouble, and that annoyed me because it was clear that most of her decisions were bad ones. However, I did admire her bravery, Citra had taken a lot of risks, for example: when she went to search for answers on Scythe Faraday’s death. She ended up being accused for killing Scythe Faraday and that shook me because it was a deadly situation to be in but she managed to get away (with the help of Scythe Curie) and that took a lot of courage. This led me to enjoy Citra more towards the end of the book.

Rowan on the other hand, was a character that I only came to like when he was separated from Citra and was taken in under Scythe Goddard’s apprentice, because we got to see the other side of the story, which I adored (I love me some villain perspectives).

The side characters: Scythes Faraday, Curie and Goddard were very nice to read and I felt, that they are very critical to the story. I enjoyed them in most of the scenes they were in because they really brought out the wiser side of things, especially in their journal entries.

The junior scythes and Rowan’s best friend, I didn’t feel too drawn in, they were just side characters to me. But they did help Rowan grow as a character and that was nice to see. Esme also was a interesting character, there was a lot of mystery revolving around her and she did end up to be a major surprise! and that got me wide eyed.

the setting

The world of Scythe was what got me reading to the end. I loved the structure of this world and the way it was woven through the plot. It had the right amount of twists and turns that had me on the edge of my seat. I loved the idea of the scythedom and the overall build of the world, it got me thinking about a lot of things such as the society that the characters were in.

the plot

Let me start by saying that this book was very fast paced, in a good and bad way. The characters moved from one place to the other really quick. There wasn’t much description in the time in between, it was just *snap* next scene, it went straight to the point. I also thought that we didn’t really get to see much of the training as a scythe apprentice, because that went by pretty quick (we did get to see Rowan’s physical training with Scythe Goddard, something I enjoyed). I really liked the journal entries at the end of each chapter, it gave us readers more of an insight of the backstory which helped with the further understanding of the world. To add, I disliked the way the perspectives were switched, I felt confused most of the time because there wasn’t any sign that they have switched p.o.v or a new perspective was added, so I got confused on who was talking especially when both Citra and Rowan were in the same room. But then I guess it adds to the mystery.

the conflict & the resolution

The twists and turns of this book wasn’t predictable as I thought they were going to be. There were still parts that I saw coming like Faraday’s fake death, but besides that, everything was a surprise! The closing had left me unsatisfied, I feel like it could’ve went a little longer but It did end in a way that leaves me wanting more.

Neil Shusterman, a big thumbs up to you! Scythe got me thinking hard and questioning death. Going to dive into the next book ASAP!

Scythe | Thoughts Wrap-up

Book rating?

As shown: I’m giving it 4 stars out of 5. On the percentage scale: I’d give it a 85%.

Favourite part of the book?

When Citra punched Rowan in the face near the end! That had me laughing hysterically. Citra is a genius. I can’t wait to read her again in Thunderhead!!

Favourite character? why?

Citra (or shall I say Scythe Anastasia;) surprisingly! I understand her a lot better now. I didn’t before, but she eventually grew on me and I’m happy for it because she’s a pretty smart and kickass character.

Would you recommend?

Totally recommend Scythe to anyone who currently is in a reading slump or just anyone wanting something new to read!! This book has a fair amount of pages, so it will be quick to read plus the overall book was great so I would suggest you guys put it in your current tbr pile if you haven’t already!

Read this book? tell me your thoughts on it! I’d love to hear!